We teamed up with Do.omyoga and The Store X presents DO.OMYOGA TEMPLE with Stephen O’Malley at iconic cultural space 180 the strand for a weekend celebration of existence and creation in their Sound Temple.

Do.omyoga is a holistic yoga practice that combines Asana and Pranayama techniques with doom, drone, ambient, avant-garde and psychedelic music under the philosophy of Nada yoga, which means “union through sound”. They have hosted live performances at festivals such as Download and Supersonic.
Temple (44)

Temple (45)Sunn O)))’s Stephen O’Malley performed live at a special yoga and sound healing event hosted by Do.omyoga at London’s 180, The Strand.
Transforming the cultural space into a “Temple of Sound and Silence”, O’Malley provided the soundtrack for two sessions in which “ Guru” Kamellia Sara took attendees through floor based, passive Asana yoga postures while sounding out mantra and guiding Pranayama breathing exercises.

Temple (22)We curated the experience of sound by taking care of the technical work and all the tech and media side of things at this unique event with live performance from stage left guitarist of Sunn O))), Stephen O’Malley joined by London-based mystical anarcho feminist sound art performance and long-term Dronica collaborator, The Seer.

A deeply immersive physical sound encouraging, sound is a connection to the deepest being, a connection to higher consciousness and our primordial selves, to the essences of matter itself and their elements of creation.