19:30 – 20:00 // Phil Durrant & Bill Thompson

Phil Modular 3.jpg

Phil Durrant is an improviser/composer/sound artist who has performed at festivals and concerts all over Europe, US and Canada. As a violinist (and member of the Butcher/Russell/Durrant trio), he was one of the key exponents of the “group voice approach” style of improvised music. In the late 90s, his trio with Radu Malfatti and Thomas Lehn represented a shift to a more ‘reductionist’ approach.Durrant’s exploration in the use of live electronics to expand the timbre of the violin, evolved into the creation and building of self-made virtual instruments using Reaktor software. His live sampling/treatments duo with John Butcher and his work MIMEO, saw Durrant move from the use of hardware to the use of software in live situations. He has always been keen to transfer the flexibility of playing an acoustic instrument, into his laptop performances. Since 2015 Durrant has switched to performing solo concerts using a modular synth/amplified objects system. He continues to perform the Trio Sowari and The Seen and also performs in a duo with Bill Thompson. Since 1987, he has published over 60 recordings on labels such Emanem, Confront, Potlach, Another Timbre, Erstwhill. He has also collaborated and composed site-specific music for a wide variety of choreographers, including Maxine Doyle, Susanne Thomas, and Gill Clarke.

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Bill Thompson is a sound artist and composer currently living in the UK. His work involves the combination of found objects, field recordings, repurposed live electronics, and digital media to create evolving structures for installation and live performance. He has earned numerous awards and commissions including the PRS for New Music ATOM award, the GAVAA visual arts award, a PRS for New Music Three Festival commission, the 2010 Aberdeen Visual Arts Award, and was nominated for the Paul Hamlyn Award in 2012.As a sound artist, Thompson creates immersive environments that slowly shift and evolve over time and that focus listeners’ attention on the act of perception as much as on the work itself. His installations have been shown across the UK and abroad with his most recent being A Knowing Space premiering in London at Union Chapel in 2016. Similarly, as a performer and improviser, he works primarily with live electronics and found objects to create immersive pieces that bring awareness to perception and presence through close listening. His compositions often involve long sustained tones, slowly evolving textures, and indeterminate or improvised structures. In addition to his solo work, Thompson has collaborated with choreographer Ian Spink for several years in the performance company Airfield. He has also worked with several well-known artists including Keith Rowe, Faust, EXAUDI and others.




20:10 – 20:40 // Smallhaus featuring Ian Faragher


Smallhaus is David Little, a South East London based composer, guitarist and electronic music producer.  Layered guitar improvisations and loops, synth textures, field recordings, drones and electronic pulses combine to create lo-fi meditative and haunting soundscapes. smallhaus draws on influences from classic psychedelia, space rock, through 70s kosmische and ambient, to shoegaze, electronica, post-rock and musique concrete. Following a self-released cassette in 2017, Unweather, the second smallhaus album Lutra was released by Linear Obsessional in 2018.


Composer, producer, guitarist and percussionist Ian Faragher.
Ian is an active part in the UK experimental music scene he’s been exploring and promoting the outer limits of music for over ten years with his Sonic imperfections concert series and radio show (Resonance FM).
He performs and releases experimental music with ‘The Broca Ensemble’ (Champion Version), the ‘Tonal Liberation Army’ and ‘The Drone Choir’.
His progressive rock band “Quantum Pig” has recently signed to the UK based White Star Records. Their debut album ‘Songs of Industry and Sunshine’ released in Feb 2019, was described as “an absolutely cracking debut album” by Prog Magazine and “A joy of an album” by Louder Than War Magazine.


20:50 – 21:20 // Fontelo & Rick Jensen 


Fontelo is a performance art character who was developed by Nuno Veiga in collaboration with performance artist Melina Peña at the 2014 Obras Foundation residence in the south of Portugal.
Inspired by the landscape of the region of Alentejo (Portugal), the duo filmed and presented improvisational performances as part of an installation in the Castle of Evoramonte. Nuno’s experiences in Evaramonte led to the creation of his “Boa Morte” video piece. Screened on the Video Art Miden Festival in Greece.
In 2018, invited by Rick Jensen to participate in SKRONKDANCE, Nuno Veiga revived the mythical character and formally named him Fontelo. A site specific improvised ritual saturated with blends of Jensen’s high processed saxophone, vocals, noise and soundscapes set the scene for Fontelo’s shamanic ritual and Butoh inspired performance.
Rick Jensen and Nuno Veiga have been presenting this project around London and Nuno has also presented Fontelo as a solo act in Lisbon and Guarda in Portugal.



21:30 – 22:00 // David Toop

David Toop with Ryuichi Sakamoto 2018 copy

David Toop (born 1949) has been developing a practice that crosses boundaries of sound, listening, music and materials since 1970. This encompasses improvised music performance, writing, electronic sound, field recording, exhibition curating, sound art installations and opera.

It includes seven acclaimed books, including Rap Attack (1984), Ocean of Sound (1995), Sinister Resonance (2010), Into the Maelstrom (2016) and forthcoming – Flutter Echo, a memoir first published in Japan in 2017 (May 2019) and Inflamed Invisible: Writing On Art and Sound 1976-2018 (2020). Briefly a member of David Cunningham’s pop project The Flying Lizards in 1979, he has released thirteen solo albums, from New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments on Brian Eno’s Obscure label (1975) and Sound Body on David Sylvian’s Samadhisound label (2006) to Entities Inertias Faint Beings (2016). His 1978 Amazonas recordings of Yanomami shamanism and ritual were released on Sub Rosa as Lost Shadows (2016). In recent years his collaborations include Rie Nakajima, Akio Suzuki, Tania Chen, John Butcher, Ken Ikeda, Elaine Mitchener, Henry Grimes, Sharon Gal, Camille Norment, Sidsel Endresen, Alasdair Roberts, Thurston Moore, Ryuichi Sakamoto and a revived Alterations, the iconoclastic improvising quartet with Steve Beresford, Peter Cusack and Terry Day first formed in 1977. Curator of sound art exhibitions including Sonic Boom at the Hayward Gallery (2000), his opera – Star-shaped Biscuit – was performed as an Aldeburgh Faster Than Sound project in 2012. He is currently Professor of Audio Culture and Improvisation at London College of Communication.











Brice Gelot is a self-taught visual contemporary artist, born in 1985 in the city of Dijon (France). He start his passion for street photography, skateboarding and graffiti culture. Over the years, Brice gradually moved away from this media and has dedicated his life to create artworks around the world to portray his passion and create his own movement.
His work combines painting and sculpture exploring the dark side of life, mixing vanitas and calligraphy script style of lettering. It serves to remind us of our own mortality, our mistakes and failures of the inevitable transformation of life into death, because remember “memento mori”.

His works has been exhibited at Saatchi Gallery Los Angeles, Maggio London and Artsper Paris.



Giuseppe Abate (IT)

Born in Bari and developed his poetic in Venice he’s got influences from the south to the north of Italy. He presents a site specific intervention piece / stamps on paper / textile / taking inspiration from the space of the St. Mathias Church.


Warehouse Animals (UK)

Warehouse Animals is a collective of audio and visual artists who work collaboratively to create dynamic live visuals for events, festivals and happenings across the UK and Europe.



Riccardo Banfi (IT)

Milan-born writer, photographer and visual artist Riccardo Banfi presents a video projections called ‘Clubnight’.



Martin Harrison (UK)

Martin Harrison is a visual artist living and working in South London.