18:10 – 18:40 // JAMES OSLAND & FINN KELVIN

James Osland Facebook

James Osland is a sound and visual artist from the United Kingdom, currently residing in Devon. His work focuses on our intimate relationship between sound, memory and place. His work seeks to explore the impact our sonic environments can have on us. He has released music through labels such as Sonospace, Rusted Tone Recordings, Shimmering Moods Records and Flaming Pines.

Finn Kelvin

Finn Kelvin is a sound artist and guitarist based in Bristol, United Kingdom. Much of his work is centred around collaboration with other artists. His other creative projects include Inemuri, Rookeries and Fifth Canto. With releases on Elm Records, Audio Gourmet and Flaming Pines.

After meeting at university James and Finn bonded over a love of live Improvisation and experimental music. The two performed together extensively as part of the Elm Collective a live improvised ensemble. They soon began experimenting together in the studio and release their first EP ‘Even If Only Temporarily via the netlabel Audio Gourmet. Soon after this, they followed up with their first full-length release ‘Colourless’ through Kate Carr’s flaming Pines label.




18:50 – 19:20 // CLIVE HENRY

Clive Henry

Clive Henry is based in Southampton and has been actively pursuing sound for over twenty years. His solo work has seen him explore methods such as: noise, improvisation, repetition and stasis; with recurring themes including: dissonance, the process of decay and the human body as instrument.



19:30 – 20:00 // kNN


Renato Grieco is a composer and performer born in 1991 in Naples, south Italy. Raised with a solid classical education, from a young age he studied double bass, composition and improvisation; since 2012 active in electroacoustic research.

His poetics cross the threshold of many disciplines related to listening: twisted cinéma pour l’oreille collide with psychoacoustics and instrumental reductionism; silent dialogue between reality and representation, site specific sound, grotesque nihilism and sound poetry, rigid premeditation and open form.

As a solo artist he works under the moniker kNN. In recent years he has worked throughout Europe on site specific compositions, installations, live performances and acousmatic diffusions.
Currently involved in the tape-music duo Les Ènervés (which regularly collaborates with the French clarinetist Xavier Charles), in the quartet of reel-to-reel tape recorders Ritorna, together with Giulio Nocera, SEC_ and Valerio Tricoli, in the acoustic chamber ensemble Le Grand K and in the sound-poetry project Double Goocher Shop with the Australian artist and poet Matthew P. Hopkins.



20:10 – 20:40 // LI YILEI 

LI YILEI .jpeg

LI YILEI is a London-based conceptual artist who works in the fields of sound art and performance art.

Spanning across sound, performance, multi-media installations and moving image, LI YILEI’s works are developed through a primarily conceptual basis. The works are the manifestation of an inquiry into tropes of phenomena, existence, power dynamics, and the politics of sound and listening. LI YILEI constantly examines the discriminatory perception of the world’s phenomena in its subtlest terms. Characterised by a replete of poeticism, lines are drawn across these seemingly disparate thoughts through a minimalistic approach.

In LI’s recent EP release “0:00”, LI uses found planetary sounds (Radio Signals from Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Mars & Saturn) to accompany the live performance of synthesisers and guitars to the back drop of terrestrial field recordings.

As an experimentalist in the field of music, LI YILEI often creates quasi instrumental sculptures, further integrating sound art into fine art, blurring its boundaries. Using obscure instruments and field recordings, the sound works are carefully designed and produced, ranging from cinematic atmospheric music to noise.



20:50 – 21:20 // DOMIZIANO MASELLI

Domiziano Maselli .jpg

Ashes, residues, traces, something that is exhausted and yet subsists, which is fading away and from which something else, new and vital, will arise: a passage. 

Ashes by Domiziano Maselli is an audiovisual project born of organic research. The work developed over time as a search for form, which, starting from drawing, monotypes and video, finds a dual identity, between symbolic and free interpretation. Just as video and digital animated images are derived from a concrete visual search, the musical composition moves between electronic processing of synthesizers and sound samples, to include instrumental performances swinging between assonance and dissonance. The maximal and the minimalist.



21:30 – 22:00 // RKSS


Rkss is an alias of Robin Buckley, a London-based sound artist. They hold German and UK passports. Their releases on UIQ, Alien Jams, Where To Now? and more have explored the materiality of film sound, YouTube and EDM sample packs through the lens of house, ambient and computer music.

Robin Buckley also runs a radio series for Resonance Extra called Lossless Communication, which explores sound discovery in the internet era. Other recent work includes a live improvised performance with Claire Tolan in Berlin, sound design for the art website www.clubdead.io, and Brostep in the Style of Florian Hecker, a multi-channel composition available for download with limited edition lanyards and a game which offers a virtual environment for listening to the composition.











Brice Gelot is a self-taught visual contemporary artist, born in 1985 in the city of Dijon (France). He start his passion for street photography, skateboarding and graffiti culture. Over the years, Brice gradually moved away from this media and has dedicated his life to create artworks around the world to portray his passion and create his own movement.
His work combines painting and sculpture exploring the dark side of life, mixing vanitas and calligraphy script style of lettering. It serves to remind us of our own mortality, our mistakes and failures of the inevitable transformation of life into death, because remember “memento mori”.

His works has been exhibited at Saatchi Gallery Los Angeles, Maggio London and Artsper Paris.



Giuseppe Abate (IT)

Born in Bari and developed his poetic in Venice he’s got influences from the south to the north of Italy. He presents a site specific intervention piece / stamps on paper / textile / taking inspiration from the space of the St. Mathias Church.


Warehouse Animals (UK)

Warehouse Animals is a collective of audio and visual artists who work collaboratively to create dynamic live visuals for events, festivals and happenings across the UK and Europe.



Riccardo Banfi (IT)

Milan-born writer, photographer and visual artist Riccardo Banfi presents a video projections called ‘Clubnight’.



Martin Harrison (UK)

Martin Harrison is a visual artist living and working in South London.